Wondering what the Bullet Journal means? Do you have a Bullet Journal and don’t know how to get started? Want to find new ways and ideas for your diary? In a workshop for Bullet Journal you can share your passion with other people and get new and interesting guidelines on how to express yourself. What you will learn in the workshop: -How to use the elements of the Bullet Journal -How to add more features to your diary -How to use the Bullet Journal to be more organized -New tools for marking our environment

The workshop includes: work materials; drinks and sweet temptation.
What to take with you: -New or already started Bullet Journal or notebook / notebook of your choice -Your favorite pencils/ markers -Lines

The workshop leader is Maria Slavcheva, PhD. As a visual anthropologist, she observes the images around us, reflects on how they are created, and can tell us more about the world we live in as well as ourselves. For years she has been researching various techniques for compiling a diary with accents or the so-called Bullet journal. At the same time, she creates pages in her diary and uses them to organize her work and bring more variety and attention to detail in her daily life. Maria is also a creative director at ACEA Mediator, where we love events in which to immerse ourselves in the world of visual and creative arts.