With puppet theater at school

We present you the project "With puppet theater at school - an interactive online performance for children from Bulgarian schools abroad". It will include a puppet theater in the education of children of Bulgarian communities abroad by inviting puppet actors in class in Bulgarian language and literature for students I-IV class interactive online show "Dvamata startsi i mesechinkata." The tale raises important topics about environmental education and attitudes towards the elderly, the transmission of heritage and building a positive identity of the Bulgarian communities abroad. It will connect art and education to build a positive identity, understanding of [...]

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City and markets

We present opportunities for the development of alternative cultural tourism related to urban markets. In our new project we will talk about the markets in Plovdiv and for the first time we will focus on their cultural heritage and how they can be part of cultural tourism in the city. The markets are an embodiment of the local culture of the people and the city. In their own way, they are living museums that represent the cultural heritage and characteristics of the local communities. They are not only a place for trade and the exchange of goods, but [...]

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“Feel the city” workshop in Plovdiv

Youth workshop "Feel the city" provoked the sensory thinking of young people and introduced them to part of the urban cultural heritage of Plovdiv. Младежите научиха как да интерпретират и как да представят значими места и обекти от града. Научиха кои са основните умения за водене на хора със зрителни затруднения. Разбраха как да работят по-добре в екип и как да се забавляват докато творят. Важно за всеки участващ беше етапа от създаването на социално значимо събитие под формата на интерактивна изложба "Без рамки". Заниманията включваха 4 интерпретативни лаборатории: тактилна, обонятелна, аудио-визуална и вербална. АКЕА „Медиатор“ разработва метода [...]

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Youth workshop “Feel the city” in Plovdiv

Young people are creators of change and can offer possible solutions to social and cultural problems. One of them today is improving the access to culture of people with visual impairments, whose access to public spaces is further hampered by infrastructural barriers. The project "Youth Workshop" Feel the City aims to introduce young people to part of the urban cultural heritage of Plovdiv and to help them recreate part of it in an interactive exhibition that is suitable for people with visual impairments. The project is implemented with the support of the Municipality of Plovdiv - "Plovdiv for Youth" program and [...]

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Conference and sensory exhibition

On October 30, 2018, a conference with international participation on the topic "Sensory ethnography of the city" was held at the University of Plovdiv, which was attended by researchers from Bulgaria and France. Papers with a research approach to the city through the senses and sensory were presented. The event created a space for exchange and dialogue, which outlined possible fields for research and application of sensory ethnography as an approach to the city and its spaces, sensory and sensitivity, subcultural communities, institutions, people with disabilities, everyday life and more. The presented papers will be published in a [...]

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Conference “Sensory ethnography of the city”

Welcome to the conference "Sensory Ethnography of the City" in the "Compass" hall of the University of Plovdiv "Paisii Hilendarski" on October 30, 2018. Follow the event for the current program. A sensory exhibition resulting from the project of the same name will be opened at the conference. The research approach to the city through the senses leads to a closer look at communication and connections that people performed. The city is not only an architecturally arranged objective space, but can be defined as the experience of its inhabitants. The gathering of scientists to present and discuss topics related to the [...]

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Feel the City 2 in Plovdiv

The events under the project "Sensory presentation of urban cultural heritage" ended successfully. On October 20, 2018 with an interactive tour "Feel the city 2" we presented part of the urban cultural heritage of Plovdiv in an interactive way through sensory tasks. Its perimeter was from Tsar Simeon's Garden to St. Stambolov Square. The tour was passed with closed eyes with a pre-prepared guide. People with visual impairments also passed through it. The participants got acquainted with places important for the city culture, memory and heritage, as well as with monuments and sculptors of prominent Plovdiv masters such as George [...]

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Sensory representation of urban cultural heritage

Sensory representation of urban cultural heritage is a project in which part of the urban cultural heritage of Plovdiv is studied and presented through sensory ethnography. The project includes research, a round table and a new interactive route on the perimeter from Stefan Stambolov Square to Tsar Simeon's Garden. It is implemented from August to October 2018, and its methodology is based on sensory ethnography. Round tabe In October 2018, a public discussion will be held - a round table - on the problems of access for people with visual impairments, which will provide possible solutions for its [...]

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Interactive tour “Feel the city 2”

Interactive tour "Feel the city 2" at 20 october is with tow staring hours 13:30 and 16:00 The route includes interactive sensory tasks and will be passed in pairs by guide and guided. The new perimeter from Tsar Simeon's Garden to St. Stambolov Square can be crossed by anyone who wishes and registers here: https://goo.gl/forms/18hrWvYlcv6n4Rji1 The seats are limited. Be sure to sign up. The route aims to present part of the urban cultural heritage of Plovdiv in an interactive way by including sensory tasks in the perimeter from Tsar Simeon's Garden to St. Stambolov Square. It is [...]

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Round table “Sensory presentation of urban cultural heritage”

ACEA "Mediator" invites you to a round table on "Sensory presentation of urban cultural heritage" on October 19, 2018. Time: 10:00 - 13:00 Location: Hall "Compass" University of Plovdiv The round table will bring together professionals, researchers and citizens to discuss the role and challenges of presenting urban cultural heritage in a sensory and sensitive way. The needs and shortcomings of such a presentation for people with disabilities will be discussed. The results of a study related to the application of the methods of sensory ethnography in the study of the urban cultural heritage in Plovdiv will be discussed. Ways to [...]

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