The events under the project “Sensory presentation of urban cultural heritage” ended successfully.

On October 20, 2018 with an interactive tour “Feel the city 2” we presented part of the urban cultural heritage of Plovdiv in an interactive way through sensory tasks. Its perimeter was from Tsar Simeon’s Garden to St. Stambolov Square. The tour was passed with closed eyes with a pre-prepared guide. People with visual impairments also passed through it. The participants got acquainted with places important for the city culture, memory and heritage, as well as with monuments and sculptors of prominent Plovdiv masters such as George Trak and Tsvyatko Siromashki. The starting point was the fountain “Demetra” in Tsar Simeon’s Garden and ended in front of the buildings of BNR and BNT – Plovdiv.

“Feel the city 2” was presented at a round table on October 19, 2018 at the University of Plovdiv “Paisii Hilendarski”, where the challenges of presenting the city’s cultural heritage in a sensory way were discussed. The round table was attended by representatives of local and national institutions, citizens with disabilities, students, teachers from the Department of Ethnology at the University of Plovdiv. Aksiniya Buteva – a representative of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria was also a guest.

The route is the result of anthropological research through sensory ethnography, part of the scientific-applied project “Sensory presentation of urban cultural heritage” of the Association for Culture, Ethnology and Anthropology “Mediator”. The project is funded by the National Culture Fund, Bulgaria, and implemented in partnership with the Faculty of Philosophy and History, Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv, the Center for Anthropological and Ethnosociological Research at the University of Plovdiv and the National Center for Rehabilitation of the Blind – Plovdiv.