“What you were born for is what you are most condemned for”

We start the month of March with an event by the inspiring Vanessa Videnova. How would Vanessa Videnova best celebrate her birthday? By dedicating it to work, of course! Especially when your job is one of the things you love to do.
Join to receive a valuable gift – the formula with which to discover your vocation in this life and to alleviate the problems that may arise in your relationships with loved ones.
After the event you will have the opportunity to share her birthday with her.

Vanessa Videnova is a vlogger and writer, sharing her knowledge in the field of astrology, psychology, spirituality and environmentally friendly lifestyle for nearly six years. He is the author of two books – the manual “My girlfriend, panic attack” and “Little Ribla”, which is a confession of dozens of sensitive, artistic and empathetic people. He is also the founder of the Small Fish Foundation, the goals of which are tied to the support of young bulgarian artists and sponsorship of projects related to art, as well as the protection of flora and fauna in our country.
More information can be found on the Facebook event.