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The markets of Plovdiv are presented in a digital guide

Plovdiv markets already have their guide, which was presented in an online event on January 28, 2021. This is a guide to urban cultural tourism, which you can use if you want to know a little more about the markets as places and part of our cultural heritage. The first and only Market Manager contains information about 7 markets in Plovdiv, which combine past, present and future, as well as interesting facts from the life of the city. In the publication you can find practical information where they are, how to get [...]

The markets of Plovdiv are presented in a digital guide2021-02-16T09:03:09+02:00

Interactive online performance “The two old men and the moon”

Two interactive online puppet shows based on the Bulgarian folk tale "The Two Old Men and the Moon" were presented by actresses Aneliya Dyulgerova and Zlatina Petkova for students of I-IV grade from Bulgarian schools abroad on January 23, 2021. The first performance was with the participation of students from Bulgarian schools in Europe and countries such as Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Hungary, Austria and others. The second performance was attended by students from Bulgarian schools in the United States and the cities of Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, Richmond, Baltimore, New York, Toronto and others. The tale [...]

Interactive online performance “The two old men and the moon”2021-02-16T08:55:32+02:00

With puppet theater at school

We present you the project "With puppet theater at school - an interactive online performance for children from Bulgarian schools abroad". It will include a puppet theater in the education of children of Bulgarian communities abroad by inviting puppet actors in class in Bulgarian language and literature for students I-IV class interactive online show "Dvamata startsi i mesechinkata." The tale raises important topics about environmental education and attitudes towards the elderly, the transmission of heritage and building a positive identity of the Bulgarian communities abroad. It will connect art and education to build a positive identity, understanding of [...]

With puppet theater at school2020-12-21T10:27:54+02:00

City and markets

We present opportunities for the development of alternative cultural tourism related to urban markets. In our new project we will talk about the markets in Plovdiv and for the first time we will focus on their cultural heritage and how they can be part of cultural tourism in the city. The markets are an embodiment of the local culture of the people and the city. In their own way, they are living museums that represent the cultural heritage and characteristics of the local communities. They are not only a place for trade and the exchange of goods, but [...]

City and markets2021-01-29T14:29:25+02:00

What is to be an anthropologist?

The profession of the social and cultural anthropologist is multifaceted, like anthropology itself. The social and / or cultural anthropologist is a scientist, researcher, practitioner and mediator. The anthropologist is doing research. He mainly uses the so-called "qualitative" rather than "quantitative" methods in the social sciences and humanities. They are related to ethnography and methods such as observation, participation, conversation, interviewing and description. Such is, for example, the field ethnographic study that many other sciences borrow. It can be involved (doing things the way the people you talk to and watching them do), involved (getting involved in parts of people's daily [...]

What is to be an anthropologist?2020-11-24T09:36:24+02:00

Social and cultural anthropology in Bulgaria

Social anthropology entered Bulgaria relatively soon, while cultural anthropology (still developing as ethnology) and physical anthropology were studied earlier. Important for Bulgaria is the development of the so-called anthropology at home, urban anthropology, anthropology of marginal groups and communities, anthropology of migrations, etc. These, of course, are only part of the fields of work of researchers. Important for Bulgaria is the development of the so-called anthropology at home, urban anthropology, anthropology of marginal groups and communities, anthropology of migrations, etc. These, of course, are only part of the fields of work of researchers. Social and cultural anthropology in Bulgaria are part [...]

Social and cultural anthropology in Bulgaria2020-11-24T09:35:54+02:00

Mind Mapping for begginers

Making mind maps is one of the most effective tools with which we can assimilate and reproduce a large amount of information. The use of mind maps improves concentration, memory, creativity and communication in every aspect of our lives. If you want to organize your thoughts, memorize information with ease, save time and create new mental connections, this workshop is for you. Take a step towards unleashing your potential! In the workshop we will use different methods for making mind maps with an individual approach to each participant. During the event you will learn to make mind maps that will [...]

Mind Mapping for begginers2020-12-12T22:17:14+02:00

Lecture by Vanessa Videnova

"What you were born for is what you are most condemned for" We start the month of March with an event by the inspiring Vanessa Videnova. How would Vanessa Videnova best celebrate her birthday? By dedicating it to work, of course! Especially when your job is one of the things you love to do. Join to receive a valuable gift - the formula with which to discover your vocation in this life and to alleviate the problems that may arise in your relationships with loved ones. After the event you will have the opportunity to share her birthday with her. [...]

Lecture by Vanessa Videnova2020-12-12T22:16:54+02:00

Voice and group work

If you work with groups - as teachers, trainers, therapists. If they want you to rely on a strong, clear and pleasant to listen voice. If you have difficulty - fatigue from a lot of talking, tension, shortness of breath, hoarse or at times squeaky voice. If you are often told to speak louder or they do not understand you. If you feel you need to shout to bring order, or to be heard at all. If you often work in a foreign language and this creates additional stress for you. If you have just never thought about how our [...]

Voice and group work2020-12-12T22:15:44+02:00