If you work with groups – as teachers, trainers, therapists.
If they want you to rely on a strong, clear and pleasant to listen voice.
If you have difficulty – fatigue from a lot of talking, tension, shortness of breath, hoarse or at times squeaky voice.
If you are often told to speak louder or they do not understand you.
If you feel you need to shout to bring order, or to be heard at all.
If you often work in a foreign language and this creates additional stress for you. If you have just never thought about how our most important communication tool works, this training is for you.

In a group of maximum 10 participants, for 3 hours, we will work on the following:
1. Familiarity with the voice – how it works, how we feel it, how we and others perceive it. 2. Work on posture, breathing, coordination of the senses. 3. Exercises in preparation for speaking, for relieving tension, for improving the strength and intelligibility of the voice. “Weaning” from accumulated habits, releasing the voice. 4. Interaction with the group – ways to influence the group dynamics with a voice, how we perceive the voices of group members, interaction in different situations – presentation, discussion, debate. 5. Voice care. How to keep in good shape. 6. Individual advice for each participant.

What we will not do: 1. You will not receive recipes for ‘correct’ and ‘incorrect’ breathing, hand position, etc. We look for everyone’s personal style and build on our strengths. 2. We will not prescribe you a long and strict training program.

The exercises are easy, can be done in the shower or wherever you go and improve your mood.

Who will lead the training: Margarita Zhelyazkova, PhD, philosopher and political scientist by education. She has been dealing with this type of training for over ten years. In her work she combines teaching experience over 25 years with experience in classical singing, from childhood. She studied vocal work with Meribet Dame (Switzerland), Per Bristow (USA), Alex Boon (Netherlands), Ron Murdoch, Nicola Harrison (UK). She is currently training all new teachers at the Universities of Twente, Nijmegen, Tilburg, as well as teachers in secondary schools. She regularly conducts trainings for professionals in the Netherlands and Europe. Combines voice work with training in discussions and debates in different contexts. She also works individually, both with people with problems that do not require medical intervention, and for the preparation of particularly important public events, such as defense of dissertations and project presentations. For contacts: margarita.jeliazkova@protonmail.com