Making mind maps is one of the most effective tools with which we can assimilate and reproduce a large amount of information. The use of mind maps improves concentration, memory, creativity and communication in every aspect of our lives. If you want to organize your thoughts, memorize information with ease, save time and create new mental connections, this workshop is for you.

Take a step towards unleashing your potential! In the workshop we will use different methods for making mind maps with an individual approach to each participant.

During the event you will learn to make mind maps that will help you:
• Create your own mind maps
• Organize a large amount of information
• Easier to remember
• Have new ideas

The workshop leader is Maria Slavcheva, PhD. As a visual anthropologist, she observes the images around us, reflects on how they are created, and can tell us more about the world we live in, as well as about ourselves. She uses mind maps in her work as a researcher, as a presenter at various forums – scientific and applied, as a trainer and teacher. She believes that everyone can create their own mind map with which to develop their learning skills.