Students from France got to know Plovdiv in a sensory way

“Feel the City” – Plovdiv was demonstrated for students of cultural management From the Institute for management in Versailles, France on the festive day of the slavic writing and culture 24the of may 2019. Студентите имаха възможностт да опознаят и усетят част от Пловдив чрез слуха, осезанието, мириса и уменията си да разказват истории, докато бяха поставени "в обувките" на хора със зрителни затруднения. Те успяха да научат ръцете си да разпознават кирилицата, проследиха миризмите на Главната, научиха кой е Мильо и къде стои неговата статуя. Разказаха истории от арената на Римския стадион и още много други [...]

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Puppetry, waving and searching

На 29 ноември 2018 г. премина Срещата-разговор с актрисата и хореограф Мария Димитрова. Тя ни разказа за творчеството, за измислянето, оживяването, за осъществяването на едни от съвременните продукции на кукления театър като "Дама Пика", „Аз, Сизиф“ и др. Разбрахме защо и с какво е важен синкретизма в кукления театър. Какви са основните принципи на кукловоденето и как кукленото мислене присъства у всеки от нас.

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Conference “Sensory ethnography of the city”

Welcome to the conference "Sensory Ethnography of the City" in the "Compass" hall of the University of Plovdiv "Paisii Hilendarski" on October 30, 2018. Follow the event for the current program. A sensory exhibition resulting from the project of the same name will be opened at the conference. The research approach to the city through the senses leads to a closer look at communication and connections that people performed. The city is not only an architecturally arranged objective space, but can be defined as the experience of its inhabitants. The gathering of scientists to present and discuss topics related to the [...]

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Round table “Sensory presentation of urban cultural heritage”

ACEA "Mediator" invites you to a round table on "Sensory presentation of urban cultural heritage" on October 19, 2018. Time: 10:00 - 13:00 Location: Hall "Compass" University of Plovdiv The round table will bring together professionals, researchers and citizens to discuss the role and challenges of presenting urban cultural heritage in a sensory and sensitive way. The needs and shortcomings of such a presentation for people with disabilities will be discussed. The results of a study related to the application of the methods of sensory ethnography in the study of the urban cultural heritage in Plovdiv will be discussed. Ways to [...]

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Mediation Month

JULY is the month of MEDIATION and the MEDIATOR. What exactly is mediation and how does it develop in our country? What does it mean to mediate, to be a mediator? Is it a profession or a mission or both? What does this mediator do and when can it be sought? Are they looking for him at all? July 16, 2018 meeting-talk with AKEA "Mediator" on the topic: "Who is a mediator?" July 24, 2018 meeting-talk with Assoc. Prof. Meglena Zlatkova on the topic: "What is mediation?" July 31, 2018 meeting-talk with Social Mediators on the topic: "Mediator in practice" [...]

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