To color the gray things of your everyday life!

If you are experiencing stress, insecurity or lack of motivation, ART therapy with Daniela is the right endeavor for you.

You will get 1 hour of peace, 1 hour full of games and interesting tasks for drawing, modeling and many other activities related to art and self-expression. You will have the opportunity to relax and think for at least an hour about nothing but how to have fun and relax.

ART therapy is a process that can begin tomorrow for you and slowly teach you how to have fun in everyday life with the difficult tasks of life.

ART therapy will enrich you and help you come up with creative solutions in the most complicated cases; will hold your hand and show you the vast path of art; will give you peace of mind and confidence in your own qualities.

With the methods of art you can learn to share and express your feelings calmly and easily! ART therapy will make you strong and determined and last but not least it will teach you to color the gray things of your everyday life!

Място на провеждане на часовете: ул. “Гладстон” 1, Пловдив /Дом на науката и техниката/

* NB! The group will start with a gathering of at least 4 people.

From her many years of experience, Daniela believes that each of us needs harmony and beauty in our lives and should look for a way to them.

Daniela Slavcheva is an art therapist and works with people with mental and emotional problems. He leads creative workshops with different participants and together they color their everyday life! She specializes in a wide range of activities related to the use of art in various activities for therapeutic purposes. She is trained in techniques of art therapy, which she successfully applies in her long practice. Daniela Slavcheva has a master’s degree in primary and preschool pedagogy with fine arts at the University of Plovdiv “Paisii Hilendarski”. She has participated in and holds certificates from: the training of Catherine Rodgers Johnson (art therapist registered with the American Board for the Specification of Art Therapists); the trainings of Professor Vladimir Nikitin (Head of the Department of Philosophical Anthropology and Art Therapy at the Institute of Psychology and Pedagogy in Moscow, Chairman of the Eastern European Association of Art Therapy); Elitsa Velikova’s trainings (she has a master’s degree in expressive art therapy and conducts trainings at the Institute of Expressive Art Therapy in Sofia).

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