Sensory laboratory “Sense of city” was part of the Weekend program of Week of Inspiration `2018
on November 25, 2018 at the Plovdiv Cultural Institute We have intensified our attention to the senses and the city to better understand ourselves and the environment in which we live!

Within two hours we changed our ideas about the world around us. We went through various sensory tasks and became researchers of our personal experiences in the city. How do we remember the city, how does it smell to us, how does it sound and make noise, how do we orient ourselves and move in it? All these questions and new sensations were part of our activity during the Week of Inspiration.

Sensory laboratory “Sense of city” gives you the opportunity to experience different senses and ideas about the spaces around, about the places, about the people in them, about the ideas and problems of our coexistence in the city. Research activities help to understand the city as a place for learning and self-knowledge, so that we can understand and communicate better in our hectic daily lives.

In the last five years, the team of ACEA “Mediator” is working on improving the sensory methodology, which will make us more sensitive to both differences and similarities and to apply our already accumulated knowledge in new areas.

Trainer in the sensory laboratories is Maria Slavcheva, PhD.