With puppet theater at school

We present you the project "With puppet theater at school - an interactive online performance for children from Bulgarian schools abroad". It will include a puppet theater in the education of children of Bulgarian communities abroad by inviting puppet actors in class in Bulgarian language and literature for students I-IV class interactive online show "Dvamata startsi i mesechinkata." The tale raises important topics about environmental education and attitudes towards the elderly, the transmission of heritage and building a positive identity of the Bulgarian communities abroad. It will connect art and education to build a positive identity, understanding of [...]

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“No Frames” was presenter for second time in Plovdiv

The interactive sensory exhibition "No Frames" was presented for the second time this year on November 22nd and 23rd at the University of Plovdiv "Paisii Hilendarski", thanks to the Department of Ethnology at the Faculty of Philosophy and History. Admission was free, but places were limited. Nearly 40 people managed to pass through it without seeing, with the help of guides and curators in the exhibition. Students, professors, teachers, students and friends challenged their senses and felt parts of the urban cultural heritage of Plovdiv. They all managed to put themselves in the position of visually impaired people, [...]

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Exhibition “No Frames

The interactive exhibition was opened and presented on June 15, 2019 in Plovdiv by the participants in the youth workshop "Feel the City", who were curators and leaders in it. "No frames" challenges the senses and presents in a new way part of the urban cultural heritage of Plovdiv. The guests pass it with closed eyes and are guided by its curators. The exhibition is also suitable for people with visual impairments. The event was part of the project "Youth Workshop "Feel the City", supported by the Municipality of Plovdiv - program" Plovdiv for Youths" and with partners National Center [...]

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The puppet theater for adults in Plovdiv, and then in other cities.

On March 20 the meeting-talk with Viktor Boychev - director of the State Puppet Theater Plovdiv took place, from whom we learned more about the puppet theater for adults in Plovdiv, as well as in other cities. Разбулихме слуховете, че кукления театър се свързва най-често с представления за деца. Научихме за традициите и развитието му в Пловдив и за изключителните традиции на Държавен куклен театър Пловдив в представянето на куклени представления за младежи и възрастни. Научете повече тук. Video from the meeting-talk ... Виктор Бойчев е актьор, завършил НАТФИЗ “КР.Сарафов” - София, и е директор на [...]

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“Documentary theater and the social position in the performing arts”

On February 26, 2019, a meeting-talk was held with the theater critic and director Boris Zafirov on the topic "Documentary theater and the social position in the performing arts." Срещата продължава темата за театъра и неговите форми и роли извън класическото разбиране за сцена и публика. Видео от срещата може да гледате тук: https://youtu.be/aFVEA2HQpB8 Говорихме си за различните форми и функции на съвременния театър и конкретно за документалния и социално ангажирания театър. Тази алтернативна форма на театъра носи усещането за ангажимент и натоварване с тежки теми, което не я прави привлекателна сред аудиторията в България. Но въпреки [...]

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Puppetry, waving and searching

На 29 ноември 2018 г. премина Срещата-разговор с актрисата и хореограф Мария Димитрова. Тя ни разказа за творчеството, за измислянето, оживяването, за осъществяването на едни от съвременните продукции на кукления театър като "Дама Пика", „Аз, Сизиф“ и др. Разбрахме защо и с какво е важен синкретизма в кукления театър. Какви са основните принципи на кукловоденето и как кукленото мислене присъства у всеки от нас.

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ART therapy with Daniela

To color the gray things of your everyday life! If you are experiencing stress, insecurity or lack of motivation, ART therapy with Daniela is the right endeavor for you. You will get 1 hour of peace, 1 hour full of games and interesting tasks for drawing, modeling and many other activities related to art and self-expression. You will have the opportunity to relax and think for at least an hour about nothing but how to have fun and relax. ART therapy is a process that can begin tomorrow for you and slowly teach you how to have fun in [...]

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